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  • OSG Service Limited Warranty : 90 days warranty from invoice date on service performed/ issue repaired. 
  • Warranty does not cover abuse, misuse, accident, or user service attempts, travel or ship expenses.
  • Warranty void if unit tampered with, or if OSG Service tamper seals removed or marred in any way. 
  • OSG Service warranty liability is limited to cost of repair only, and not under any circumstances be beyond that value. 
  • OSG Service warranty expressly does not cover failures or incompatibilities caused by the use of installation of third party devices, software, modchips, coolers, etc.
  • Every conceivable effort is made to preserve the appearance and condition of your submission, however OSG Service will not be liable for any incidental or consequential cosmetic damages.
  • OSG Service will not be held responsible for data, game saves, software left in system, etc. We will make our very best efforts to protect your data, return of your software, etc. However, ultimately it is your responsibility to back up your own data, retrieve your own software, etc.
  • When you submit a system for evaluation to OSG Service, you grant permission to open the unit you submit, voiding any manufacturer's warranty you may or may not have. Please check your manufacturer's warranty options prior to submission to OSG Service.
  • In some cases, damaged systems can be damaged further by dis-assembly and evaluation. OSG Service is not responsible for these damages. 
  • Warranty does not apply to returned units with no repairs performed. OSG Service accepts no responsibility for functionality of returned units where service is declined, or is not possible.
  • Once OSG Service has provided you with an estimate/pick up date with the contact information provided, you have 30 days to respond with an answer. When OSG does not get communication from a client within 30 days, may be considered abandoned, and may be disposed of in an environmentally appropriate manner. This is avoided by simply communicating with OSG Service. 780.447.7214
  • OSG reserves the right to levy a fee of $20 per system for the handling and testing of submitted systems that are not faulty or function perfectly. This charge is at OSG Service's discretion, and is to cover the time used stress testing systems that are not broken.
  • OSG Service favours local repairs. All shipping costs under all circumstances are your responsibility with Mail Order submissions. No exceptions.
  • By submitting a system to OSG, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions outlined on this page.