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Just a minor website update, or can FAQ's be funny?

Well, it's been awhile, but all I can say for myself, is that I'm not much of a Blogger. I figure if I don't think others would find it interesting, why post it?

I spent some time this morning updating the site's Frequently Asked Questions. I've tried to maintain the same 'tongue in cheek' feel that I have received compliments on in the past. It's sort of an unusual place where I've decided to let my sense of humour shine through.

I've added content specifically spelling out how our Free Evaluations are actually 'Free' with no 'Bench Fee' strings attached, unlike some other sites I've seen around the net. I don't really get why people try to use word games like that. Either you look at a system for free, or you don't.

Now, don't get me wrong, I completely understand why a business would want to charge a 'Bench Fee'. It makes sense actually. When you offer something for free, there is always a segment of the population that will look for ways to abuse it beyond it's intent. I've had people use the free evaluation to try to get troubleshooting specific details, so they could use that info to perform a DIY repair themselves. Essentially using our test bench to confirm their suspicion, and then use that information for a do-it-yourself repair. Fortunately, that sort of thing is very rare, and I've learned over the years how to suss out when someone is not really serious. In that sort of instance, I've learned to simply ensure I spend as little shop time as possible, and essentially cut my losses. However, fear of that sort of abuse, is no reason to charge bench fees in my opinion. If I want people to trust me with their systems, I need to be able to assure them they will only spend money if they choose to. Imagine that.

I also added some Q&A's about warranty specifics, and our philosophy on value. I've found that some people who were shopping around, were asking us what warranty really meant. Apparently there are other providers who see a warranty as, 'We'll try to fix it again, and if we can't, we'll give you half of your money back". O_o . Oh My. That sort of offering never even occurred to me. Warranty to me is very simple. Either the repair stays fixed, and all is good, or it didn't and we need to make it right. In my view, refunding half of the money, does NOT make it right.

Don't get me wrong, I am not perfect. Our warranty exists for a reason, and unfortuantely warranty issues do (rarely) arise. I always repair it for free, or offer a refund. In a few cases where my estimate turned out to be just plain wrong, I've had to revise the estimate. Though in every case when that occurred, I offered the option of a full refund if they preferred. That way, we are right back where we started, broken console, new estimate, and no obligation on the unfortunate customer to spend anything if they don't want to. They've already been inconvenienced by the warranty issue for goodness sake.

Similar to the 'Bench Fee' issue above, I can understand why someone would want to recoup all of the lost shop time by only offering a 50% refund. Some repairs can be surprisingly time consuming. In my view, in this arrangement, OSG Service is the professional, and the customer is the one seeking the help. Since OSG Service charges money for the services we provide, it is our responsibility to accept all of the risks that come with offering the service. It's a basic premise of the way I view value.



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