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These parts sure are hard to find....

So, I've been in this game for a while. It never ceases to amaze me though how many parts suppliers seem to crawl out of the woodwork and spam me to solicit my business. I don't really mind the spam. It's the whole 'third party parts supplier' business that I mind. I've purchased from no less than 20 different suppliers over the years. Some directly from China, requiring difficult wire transfer payment schemes. North American brokers who resell the Chinese parts to buyers like me here. There is one thing I have found consistent, no matter where you source the parts. The quality of the parts is uniformly inconsistent. No matter the supplier, you can get a batch of ten PS3 optical assemblies, and have all 10 be excellent quality. Or all 10 be completely non functional. Or some of them work, and some of them do not. Or (worst of all) some seem to work fine, but are flaky in some way. That's the worst, because then each unit requires excessive testing (time!!) just to find out they fail. Or if they pass, then there is the risk of warranty returns (even more time- irritated customer!!).


In the end, what I've learned is to find a parts supplier that has a good track record with quality, but even more important than that, is one that you can have a relationship with. When the quality problem arises, is when that relationship bears fruit. If the supplier is willing to work together with you, so you can build a mutual trust, that is when you get the payoff. For the supplier, he can know that if OSG Service claims a part does not work, is DOES NOT WORK.. He can relax, knowing that it's not an installation error, or a diagnostic error, or another cause, because he knows that OSG service can and will test the part in multiple systems. We will use our resources and experience to ensure that the part is indeed faulty. For us here at OSG Service, the payoff is that we can easily get an RMA number, and a refund, or credit towards the next batch of parts we will purchase.

Without that relationship, it gets difficult and unpleasant very quickly. I've had suppliers tell me I must be installing it wrong (yes all 10 of them!?), or diagnosing it wrong (all 10 of them in three different systems!?). It is for that reason that I rarely venture away from the supplier(s) I regularly use. While price does matter, it's not the first consideration, or even the second. The ability to have this real relationship, that is mutually beneficial to our respective needs, that is the key.

There is a lesson here for any business, and one I've taken to heart for OSG Service as well. I've found that customers for the most part want to be treated the same way. Respect for their needs, tends to breed respect for your efforts. There are always a few customers that are shopping for price, or for speed alone. When you shop for price, price is what you will get. When you shop for speedy turnaround, then that is what you will get. When you shop for value, you can find that too. I guess I just have a more well rounded idea of what 'value' is to me, and I work very hard to provide what I see as value, to OSG Service's customers as well.

Do you know who I worry for the most? Do-It-Yourself'ers buying just one part. If that one part does not work in their Playstation 3, what does that mean? Is the part faulty? Is your diagnosis wrong?  How can you verify when you are working with one part in one system? Yikes.



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    . - Our Blog - These parts sure are hard to find....
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    . - Our Blog - These parts sure are hard to find....
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