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OSG Service Frequently Asked Questions


Q) "My console seems to be flashing colour lights, three red lights of death, not reading discs, scratching discs, PS3 YLOD, yellow light of death, DRE, disc read error, black screen, PS3 HDD failure,  XBox 360 ROL, Yellow Light of death, open tray error, unable to read disc error, E74 error, checkered screen, broken tray, jammed disc, bricked, trapped disc, DVDrom drive failure, noisy disc read, no power, and is bleeding acid from the vents and painfully shocks me through the controller.  How much will it cost to fix my system ???? What exactly is wrong with it?"

A) OSG Service prides itself on it's Free Evaluations policy. However, a real evaluation is impossible without seeing the system and running tests. If  tampered, it makes it even harder hazard a guess, as we have no idea what we'll find in your console. We can give you general repair cost highs and lows, and likely repair options for your problem. Shopping around? Ask others why their 'Free Estimates' have a small print 'Bench Fee'. At OSG Service, if we can't get you a good option that you choose, you don't pay a cent. Can you afford a Free Evaluation?


Q) "Another service provider guarantees a specific price for my problem, and 2 hour repair time, without even seeing my console. If you're so good, why can't you do the same?"

A) Simple, because we are professional, and we are experienced.  The Xbox360 has 5 different internal versions, and 5 different makes of DVDrom drive inside. The PS3 has even more internal variants. Anyone who guarantees a price without even seeing your console is truly exceptional. Why are they wasting amazing psychic abilities on console repair, and are not in Vegas making real money? Add 2 hour turnaround, and you have to ask, 'How do they do it so fast?'. I don't know, but OSG Service TESTS your system for longer than an hour to ensure you get your problem solved, and minimizes your warranty issue risk. With a 2 hour turnaround time, YOU test the repair for reliability. You decide what sounds better, 'telling you what you want to hear', or reason from a seasoned tech. Choose wisely.


Q) "Why do you occasionally recommend some systems not be repaired?"

A) There are issues with some consoles in the current generation that are chronic, and caused by factory design flaws. Sometimes there are ways to restore function to a such a console, but the repair may only last weeks. When we are faced with such a console, we tell it like it is, and may not recommend you that fix it. This serves the best interests of your value. Others? Their 'warranty' says they will try to fix it again, and heck, might even give you half of your money back! Some deal. OSG Service is straight and honest about your best value. Period.


Q) "Do you warranty your work?" 

A) We sure do. Standard warranty on all repairs is 90 days. In addition to that, since all we do are repairs, our primary goal is that you get value for your money. We've earned our many many testimonials by going out of our way, to treat you the way we would like to be treated when we pay a business for a service. A pleased customer tells others about their great experience with OSG Service.


Q) "Do you sell parts for Do It Yourself repairs? These parts sure are hard to find!"

A) They sure are Billy, they sure are. No, OSG Service does not sell parts for DIY install. There are numerous reasons for this. It's impossible to warranty your diagnosis of your problem, so we simply won't. To know a part works, it needs to be installed. This means we have to install a part anyway, just to test it, so the labour on our end would be exactly the same. On top of all that, some of these parts are HARD to obtain. We care about making sure your issue is solved, not just making a sale. If you are a skilled tech, who wants to DIY, you do not need OSG Service.


Q)  "What is the best way to contact OSG Service? "

A) E-mail us at . This is the best/fastest way to get in touch with us. All e-mails are checked, and replies are provided, often with an hour. Please be sure to provide proper information with your inquiry, the type of system, etc. Incoherent e-mails  or phone messages will not be responded to. Long distance phone messages will not be responded to. Please use e-mail whenever possible. You can also leave voice mails 24 hrs/day at 780.447.7214.


Q) "Do you offer mail order service?"

A) We do not currently offer mail order service outside OSG Service's local area. Mail order for outlying communities for modern systems only may be considered on a case by case basis. E-Mail to request an exception.


Q)  "So, when I bring my console to an OSG Service drop-off Depot, I can get an estimate there and then?"

A)  No. The counter clerks at these stores are not trained in game console repair. A professional evaluation and test is done off site in our Edmonton workshop. Turnaround time varies by depot, but is usually between 3-10 days depending on service volume.


Q) "Can I call the OSG Service drop-off Depot for status information on my system?"

A) The only information the OSG Service Drop-off depot will have for you is whether or not your system is there (waiting for OSG Service pick up, or already repaired and ready for your pickup). For time frame inquiries, technical questions, status, etc, contact OSG Service service directly, via e-mail, or phone. Only OSG Service service knows what OSG Service is doing with your system at any given time. 780.447.7214


Q) Do you gaurantee you can fix any problem?

A) Of course not. If your system was submerged in sea water for 6 months , or melted into a blob in a house fire, or you tried to fix it, then your buddy tried to fix it, then that 1 hour turnaround guy tried to fix it, then your father's friends co-workers Aunt tried to fix your failed attempt, we may or may not be able to fix it. We don't know. We will certainly try to get you the best value options we can, no matter what. However, we are not magicians.  We cannot and will not be held responsible for the condition of what you send to us. Remember, we don't get paid, if we can't fix your system, so we really do want to fix it if it's possible to do so. That's fair.


Q) "How do you guys know so much about repairing video game consoles?"

A) Well, we did not go to PS3 college or Xbox university, as those places simply do not exist. We consist of technicians with computer backgrounds, both PC and Mac, but with a console gaming specialty, and a willingness to go where other technicians fear to tread. Our computer database of system/warranty tracking says we have serviced nearly 6000 game consoles in the last decade. No one has more game console repair experience than OSG Service.


Q) "This sounds great and all, but how do I know this is not some elaborate scam to steal my completely non functional PS3/XB360/Wii system?"

A) I'm always surprised by this question, and even more surprised by how often we get asked it, so here it is in our FAQ. Firstly, when you drop off a system at one of our Depots, you get a service slip acknowledging that we took your system, the date, etc. It seems odd to me, that anyone would try to run a scam to steal 'broken' things, as the logic of it escapes me, why steal something  and then fix it, when you can simply charge a fee to fix it? One would be a long term business idea, and the other would be a very short lived scam as online word would spread quickly for anybody to Google.  Just Google us, and read our way too long testimonials page. Google doesn't lie, and our track record is spotless for a reason.